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Upcoming event in time: Idre Speedskiing Race 2015

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We had an fantastic event between 14–16 March 2014 at the famous ski slope "Chocken" in Idre!

FIS have in agreement with the organizer decided to hold the Speedskiing World Cup finals for 2014 at Idre/Chocken.

New "Chocken" record by Klaus Schrottshammer with 179,06 km/h

Idre Ski invitation 2015


The winners for - 2014 Linda Baginski and Klaus Schrottshammer.

The Team winners for - 2014 - The Italien Team

Idre - chocken Facts

Idrefjäll is a year round facility opened in 1968 about 10 km east of the town Idre in Älvdalen municipality, near Städjan and Nipfjället. Lift facilities are located on the mountain Gränjåsvålen, whose peak is located at about 890 m
Winter is the greatest season in Idrefjäll and this is one of Scandinavia's steepest slopes, chocken, which is steeper than the wall in Sälen which was formerly the North steepest ski slope.
Idrefjäll offers skiing in the four compass directions and new for the 2012 season is the newly built state-restaurant on the mountain top and that the east area has new lifts (sexchairlift) and new ski runs.

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